Welcome to Counter Canter Culture – a revolutionary online publication, forum and marketplace that unites equestrians and equestrian-enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to kick up the dust that has settled on the conventional equine lifestyle.

For real knowledge go elsewhere but if you want all the hip horse culture info, well baby, you’ve found your stable! Check out 100% Sound for amazing playlists of equestrian themed music that finally have the correct collection. Down to the Wire races to deliver the latest equine news and Riding Habit Revised showcases the latest equestrian fashion and decor. Arts & Equitainment covers the horsey art world as The Horse Circus covers the horsey show world. Over The Hump, that is Over The Jump Day offers up horse humor from the web to get you through the week, while Free Rein gives our readers a chance to share their own stories.  And finally in MacKomics, Mackenzie shares his opinion of just about everything and as usual, has the last whinny.

The Team

Trus-T WebClaudia Vagt has covered a wide field of subjects from Hockey (FOX Sports) to Shabby Chic (E! Entertainment)as a writer and producer. From reined-in PBS to unbridled Playboy, Claudia has worked with leading companies in the entertainment and publishing industry worldwide, including executive production positions at The Walt Disney Company and Reader’s Digest.

Still nothing really prepared her for the horse world. The divas, the drama, the bling – and that was just the equines. It made her realize that all that time forging in Hollywood and New York; globe-trotting in Paris, London and Sydney was barely a half-halt on the way to the main race — Counter-Canter Culture, the website of which she is co-founder and co-editor.

Fittingly her own horse was also a cantankerous veteran, Trus-T Danus, the ex-race horse Claudia bought for a dollar though he was worth almost twice that much. No one could ride him and he was still a terror at the ripe old age of 31. Thoroughly lacking the skills to do much more than teach Trus-T how to bow, Claudia cleaned him from stem to stern and stuffed him with carrots for many years. Trus-T spent his final and most happy year attending college at UC Davis in the fearless care of Fara Khaleeli, an actual equestrian, until he passed on in October 2013. Claudia and Fara are still heartbroken.

Fortunately, Marjorie generously allows Claudia to ride Mackenzie, her flamboyant chestnut gelding. She knows the two have hung out in the same pastures for years, bellying up to the pipe bars as Claudia hand-grazes him. For his part, Mackenzie is happy to carry her around, knowing Claudia is unlikely to demand any real work from him. It’s not for nothing that Marjorie insists his nickname for Claudia is “Easy Pickins.”


Mack Portrait Web

Marjorie Wilkinson is the co-founder and co-editor of Counter-Canter Culture and the curator of its musical element, 100% Sound.  To appreciate Marjorie’s special talent for these positions, look no further than the two places where she hits her stride.  One is in her office where she practices journalism and law amid her grand diplomas from Boston University and UCLA School of Law, towers of CDs and the classic cassette-playing, purple boom box that stands testament to her lifelong love of music.

The other is, of course, on the back of her clever Thoroughbred MacKenzie, who taught her how to live a real counter-culture equestrian (or in his case equine) lifestyle. Never one for being typecast, though born a racehorse, MacKenzie never raced. He just couldn’t be convinced that running around in circles was the way to go. Jumping was more his speed. Since the ages of 14 and 4 respectively, Marjorie and MacKenzie have been teaching each other about the steely focus and good humor required to conquer imposing obstacles in and out of the arena.

Marjorie comes to Counter-Canter Culture after spending nearly a decade pursuing the education that earned her those beautiful degrees, and performing for employers ranging from independent music publishers  and so-called “big law” to horse trainers and tack stores.  With this experience in tow, she is now putting her passions and education to work at Counter-Canter Culture – the only place out there that truly complements her eclectic background.  She welcomes you to this wonderfully independent and free-spirited arena.

For more on Marjorie’s legal and music experience, please visit her personal website: www.marjoriewilkinson.com


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