The Prettiest Horse Show On the Planet

The Horse Circus

We pretend to go to the horse show but everyone really knows it’s a circus!

Bring on the clowns! And the horses too!

Next weekend, Parisians throw open the doors of the Grand Palais to equestrians the world over for what is, hands down, the prettiest horse show on the planet.

For the eighth consecutive year, Saut Hermès will welcome the world’s fifty best riders to come together in the nave of the stunning Grand Palais, just a stone throws away from the Champs-Élysées, and compete in the ten classes of this 5-star international show jumping competition.

The location alone is to die for!

The Grand Palais Photo by Eric Pouhier

At The Grand Palais © Giampaolo Vimercati 2015

And the show jumping isn’t too bad either. On the evening of March 18th, lucky attendees will be treated to new show jumping event, as well as an all-new equestrian show, under the floodlit glass roof of the Grand Palais. The new CSI 5* class, named Prix du 24 Faubourg, will take the form of a timed course, with no jump-off, increasing in difficulty, with one pass permitted.

“Les Talents Hermès” – Charlotte Verhagen on Abache HL. © Frédéric Chehu 2016

“Grand Prix Hermès” – Romain Duguet on Quorida de Treho. © Frédéric Chehu 2015

After nightfall, Hermès will present a poetic show entitled “Le songe de Don Quichotte” (“Don Quixote’s Dream”), an original creation by equestrian artist Mario Luraschi and dramatist Florient Azoulay, which is sure to delight. With over 500 film credits, Luraschi has dedicated his entire life to exploring the mysterious links that unite a horse and its rider. On this evening, he’ll seek to “break down the barriers between reality and illusion, the absurd and the sublime, the near and the far.”

“Quite simply,” writes Azoulay, “we want to tell you a little story full of fantasy, the tale of a dream a knight had when he fell to the ground.” “Only [Luraschi] could turn this dream into reality.”

Everything inside the Grand Palais is like a beautiful dream, and the 2017 edition surely will not disappoint.

Saut Hermès 2013

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