Is That A Horse I Hear?

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Is That A Horse I Hear?

By Tiffany MacNeil

Intuition is a funny thing.  Sometimes, you just stop for a moment and think, “Hmm, that’s interesting.”  Other times, you launch a full-blown project based on a strong feeling.  In this case, I did the launch, and entered into a fascinating adventure.

While in Texas helping a family member, I decided to visit a horse ranch on the way to the airport.  But I didn’t leave enough time, and upon arriving at the ranch gate, realized I had to rush to make my flight.  I fell asleep on the plane, and awoke to the word Maverick in my mind.  My short visit had been to Maverick Horseback Riding, but this was just Maverick.  So I got out a piece of paper, wrote it down, and a song started to come forth right away.

I almost wrote the whole thing on the plane ride home, both the music and lyrics.  A song about always having time in the present moment, and remembering to breathe.  It was so strong and clear, that it surprised me.  My previous song had taken me a few months to write, one small piece at a time, but this was different.  This was a missive.

Tiffany MacNeil and Maverick from the music video, "You've Got Time."

Tiffany MacNeil and Maverick from the music video, “You’ve Got Time Now.”

After a few days, I thought it important to tell the ranch about my experience, as I was still trying to process it – so I called them.  Turns out there is an actual horse named Maverick, and I had no doubt that it was he who had this message to share.  So I finished the song, went into the recording studio, and made plans to return to Texas to shoot the music video.  I had to meet this horse.

My expectations were high as I approached him.  Did he know I had gone through all of this effort to come back, and to share his message?  Did he appreciate it?  Were we in this thing together?  My questioning was met with a sleepy eye and a relaxed stance.  He was being a horse.  He seemed indifferent to all that was going on around him.  Almost like he had done his part, and what was the big deal?  As if the wisdom were just so obvious, so common, as to not warrant special attention.  And that is the magic of it; how wonderful if this kind of communication were recognized all of the time.  What huge strides we could all make toward better understanding – of each other, and of the true nature of things.

Take a listen to the song inspired by Maverick, “You’ve Got Time Now” in the music video here:

While on a break from filming, I took a long gaze across the ranch.  Out of the corner of my eye, another horse at the ranch, Gitano, beckoned me over.  Well, he had a message too.  That song, “I Am The Gypsy (Soy El Gitano)” is in final production now, with the incredible contributions of vocalist Fernando Moreno and trumpeter Jorge Contreras of Mariachi Sol de Mexico, and world music guitarist  Itamar Erez

But that’s another story.

For now, enjoy a download of “You’ve Got Time Now on iTunes here:

You've Got Time Now iTunes

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Tiffany and Her Horse Tango Photo by Tori Martin, courtesy of Tiffany MacNeil

Tiffany and Her Horse Tango
Photo by Tori Martin, courtesy of Tiffany MacNeil



Tiffany MacNeil creates and facilitates inspirational experiences for individuals and groups, with nature and horses as her partners. Her lifelong connection to animals, music, and involvement with yoga form a diverse collective on which to draw. She is the Founder of True Nature Horse Programs (, based in Northern California.

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