Dealing With Horses, Snow and Film – Just In Time For The Oscars

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This weekend, the Oscars are set to celebrate the best films of 2015. While there are many excellent pictures and performances to pick from, one film in particular stands out. “The Revenant,” with its twelve nominations, is clearly leading the pack.

This latest film from director, Alejandro G. Inarritu, involved an arduous shoot in the frozen landscapes of Canada and Argentina, and featured a much talked about horse performance. Whether or not “The Revenant” will delight you as an equestrian depends on whether you are one who loves a rugged outdoor adventure story no matter what, or one who cannot tolerate the demise of a single horse even when its faked for the silver screen.

As for the director’s feelings about working with horses, Inarritu recently told the Hollywood Reporter that he shared Clint Eastwood’s sentiments. It’s not what you might expect. According to Inarritu, Eastwood said, “You are dealing with horses and snow. Sorry for you.” This from one of America’s most famous cinematic cowboys? Disappointing!

For equestrians, this means we will apparently have to venture beyond the works of Academy Award winning directors, like Inarritu and Eastwood, to find filmmakers that relish horses in the snow as they ought to. But have no fear! A team from camera giant, Canon, also recently set out to film horses in the snowiest regions of Argentina with no complaints.

The team followed 55-year-old Franco Moro, the reigning world champion in skijoring, and his horse Paulito as they trained in extreme conditions, capturing every breathtaking moment on film. So forget “The Revenant,” and celebrate horses in the snow along side Moro and the Canon team instead this weekend!

For much, much more on this shoot in particular, and how to film horses in the snow in general (we’re looking you Inarritu and Eastwood), check out: Come and See Skijoring.

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