Fifteen Ways To Say Of C-Horse, I’m Yours Valentine!

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Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

Did you forget to grab a card for your sweetheart? Of c-horse, by that I mean your beloved four-legged friend. Well, have no fear! We’ve combed through the history of Valentine’s Day cards, to bring you fifteen that couldn’t be for anyone other than your horse.

(Seriously though, who would ever send some of these to a human?! Especially #12.)

1. Of C-Horse I'm Yours

2. Mane Love

3.Let's Prance 2

4.It's In The Bag

5. Horse Sense 2

6. Hay There

7. Feed Me A Line

8.Fed Up

9.Don't Take A-Fence

10.A Little Hoarse

11.Toss Me Aside

12.Train You

13.Valentine Nag

14.You're My Pet

15.Horse Play

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