The Next Horse Whisperer Courtesy of Super Bowl 50?

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Yesterday, was that great all American holiday, Super Bowl Sunday. If you’re like most equestrians, you mainly just tuned in for the commercials – the horse commercials to be exact. Only this year, instead of eyeing the adorable antics of those Budweiser Clydesdales (they barely appeared!), you saw this:

The Bai Antioxidant Infusions commercial features a wannabe – well something – who appears to actually be a horse whisperer. He explains, “Yo. Some people don’t think it make sense that I’m a horse whisperer,” before barking out, “Fancy Prance, Yo!” And the majestic white horse willingly obeys.

The punch line is “it don’t make sense” that this guy is able to get a horse to prance sideways on command, much like Bai “doesn’t make sense” because “it’s good for you, but still somehow tastes amazing.”

Twitter reacted quickly to this commercial, some with laughs and others with outrage, primarily over the misappropriation of hip hop culture.   One issue that went unaddressed is what this ad says about horse whisperers or prancing horses for that matter!

Does Bai think that horse whispering and horse dancing (dressage) is such a difficult job that there is no way this guy could do it? Or do they think working with horses is a ridiculous job, and it’s even more ridiculous that this guy can do it? It’s honestly hard to tell.

While the Bai commercial may have intentionally or unintentionally insulted more than one community on Super Bowl Sunday, this much is clear. Nobody blames the dancing white horse!

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