A David Bowie Tribute Freestyle

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When the world loses as star as bright as David Bowie, every artist and art aficionado around the world appropriately rushes to pay tribute to his brilliant life and work. The writers write, the singers sing, the cartoonists cartoon, and even the Tweeters tweet. There are so many meaningful ways in which David Bowie has been remembered this week. But for my two cents, here’s how a horseback-riding music supervisor does it!

Imagine it. The lights go down in the stadium, leaving only the center arena lit. From the sidelines you see a Valegro-esque dressage horse and master equestrian enter the ring, both donning the unmistakable Bowie lightning bolt down their faces. The rider raises her hand to cue for the music, and on the first downbeat you know: It’s A David Bowie Tribute Freestyle!

What follows next? For me, it’s a perfect mix of ten of David Bowie’s finest tunes fit for freestyle. Each song edited from Bowie’s original performance – no sound-a-likes or covers please. And when the dancing team finally exits, there is a standing ovation in astonishment of the perfection just witnessed!

Here’s what that sounds like:

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify here: A David Bowie Tribute Freestyle

1. UNDER PRESSURE by David Bowie & Queen from the album Hot Space

“Can’t we give ourselves one more chance? … This is our last dance. This is ourselves under pressure – under pressure – pressure.”

2. LET’S DANCE from the album Let’s Dance

“If you say run, I’ll run with you”

3. I FEEL FREE from the album Black Tie White Noise

“Dear, when I dance with you, we move like the sea. You, you’re all I want to know. I feel free.”

4. REBEL REBEL from the album Diamond Dogs

“We like dancing and we look divine”

5. CHANGES from the album Hunky Dory

“Strange fascination, fascinating me. Changes are taking the pace. I’m going through.”

6. MAGIC DANCE from the motion picture soundtrack Labyrinth

“Dance magic, dance! Jump magic, jump!”

7. WHEN I LIVE MY DREAM from the album David Bowie

“When I live my dream, I’ll take you with me. riding on a golden horse…”

8. HEROES from the album Heroes

“We could steal time, just for one day. We can be Heroes, forever and ever. What d’you say?”

9. DANCING OUT IN SPACE from the album The Next Day

“No one here can see you, dancing face to face. No one here can beat you, dancing out in space.”

10. FAME from the album Young Americans

Enough said.


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