Advice On Wearing Holiday Sweaters From The Equine Experts

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‘Tis the season to break out the holiday sweaters!  But before you put your foot in a huge fashion faux pas, why not consult some fashion role models on how best to wear a jolly jumper?  Sure, fashion designers and magazines might have an idea or two, but I for one am not convinced that we equestrians should be taking style advice from designers.  Our four-legged friends may have the inside track on this one.

Check out these styles and decide for yourself!

1. The Christmas Sweater

Courtesy of The Jockey Club

Courtesy of The Jockey Club

While traditional Christmas sweaters can look pretty ugly on people this time of year, on horses they just look unbelievably awesome!  Christmas 2012, The Jockey Club and champion jockey, Tony ‘AP’ McCoy teamed up to promote racecourses in the UK.  Not wanting their efforts to go unnoticed, McCoy and his very, merry mount Dr. Livingstone, each donned their holiday best and posed for this one-of-a-kind photograph, which surely fast-tracked everyone into a festive mood!

2. The Christmas Sweater Vest

Fashion Role Model Christmas Vest

The sweater vest is one of those articles of clothing that is always a little bit tricky to turn into an acceptable fashion statement, but when you decorate it with over-the-top holiday accouterments the situation becomes completely hopeless.  That is, unless, you are an equally over-the-top adorable animal!  Say what you will about the Christmas Sweater Vest, but you can’t deny that this foal is styling!

Want to see more adorable animals in sweater vests (of course you do!)?  You can overload on them at  You’re welcome!

3. The Icelandic Lopapeysa

Fashion Role Model Iceland

When you hail from a place called Iceland, it’s a pretty safe bet that whether you are horse or human, you will have ample opportunities to wear sweaters.  So it’s no surprise that these people have come up with their own unique sweater style.  The Lopapeysa was developed to make use of the plentiful native wool in Iceland after imported goods took over the market for everyday clothing.

I actually applaud Farmers Market for its creative use of this traditional look in it’s fashion line for humans, and must admit that it’s a real toss up as to who looks more dashing in these two photographs.  Honestly, these two look like family! Don’t they?  Let’s just call it a tie and keep peace in this household for the holidays.

4. Fair Isle Christmas Sweater

Fashion Role Model Scotland

Three UK, Visit Scotland, and Promote Shetland combined forces a few years back for The Knitwear Before Christmas Campaign, which featured the famous dancing Shetland pony, Socks, and some friends, in fantastic Fair Isle Christmas sweaters.  I think it’s pretty clear that Socks puts this super model type to shame!

And the fun doesn’t stop with the photograph.  Not by a long shot!  Round out your horse sweater extravaganza with this updated version of the classic Dance Pony Dance video with a Christmas twist.

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