Local Equestrians Fight For Their Right To Paint Fire Hydrants

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Photo via www.blueridgenow.com

You know those rare places that are truly equestrian communities? Well, Tryon, North Carolina, is one of THOSE towns. Case in point – their fire hydrants.

Since the early 1970s, all of the fire hydrants in town have been painted as red-coated huntsmen with black caps and smiling faces. That is except for one brief and upsetting period about four or five years ago, when the hydrants were quite suddenly, yellow and white. Naturally this could not stand!

Local real estate broker Libbie Johnson told The Times-News Correspondent Gina Malone, there was “a collective gasp.” Johnson immediately gathered a group of volunteers with ties to the horse community, or as she calls them, “out-of-control middle-aged women, some with artistic talent,” and they repainted the huntsmen the very next day! The newly formed art collective even painted the centrally located hydrant at Trade and Maple streets as a bushy-tailed fox.

In her words, they “decided to act first and ask forgiveness later….No one went to jail.”

Thank goodness, or otherwise you couldn’t kick off your weekend with photographs of these beauties. Your welcome!

Photo via www.blueridgenow.com

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