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Adventures of Just George CoverJust George isn’t your average equine. This big red horse has star potential as big and bright as the shining diamond on his face! Donning his trademark straw hat to protect him from the Southern California sun, George has developed a fan club well beyond his own stable.

It was George’s magical personality that drew them in at first, but recently his adoring mom, Gina Groth, extended his reach by making the gregarious horse the subject of a children’s book series entitled The Adventures of Just George. So far, George and Gina have attended several book signing and readings, including a meeting with over 600 children from kindergarten through 6th grade. Now that’s star power!

In Just George’s first adventure, Just George Goes To The Farmer’s Market, he and Gina visit a farmer’s market to get a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables – not to mention a few of George’s favorite treats. But being a big animal in a farmer’s market isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially with so many good friends and great food about! Nevertheless, Just George makes it through the day while learning an important lesson along the way.

PG- Three bunches (2)Gina is a first time author, but life long horse lover. She brought this book to life with the help of skilled illustrator, Lauren Goldstein, and her own gumption to self-publish. The results are stunning!

In case you were curious about Just George’s somewhat unusual name, there’s a story there as well!   When Gina had George’s birth certificate drawn up, the creators asked for the young colt’s name. Gina replied, “George.” They asked, “just, George?” And Gina replied, “yes, just George.” And, I bet you can guess what happened next! Back comes the birth certificate reading “Just George.” The rest is history.

Just George is now off on his next adventure in the second book of The Adventures of Just George series, entitled Just George Goes To Camp. So keep an eye out for that coming soon!

For more information on The Adventures of Just George, and to purchase the first book, please visit Gina and George on their webpage: www.adventuresofjustgeorge.com.

The Real Gina and George

The Real Gina and George

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