Arabians, Andalusians, And Irish Cobs In London? Oh My!

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Oh, England! There is so much I love about you, but at the top of the list must be your unceasing commitment to showcase the horse.

Hamish Mackie along side his magnificent rearing stallion. Via

Case in point – the new sculptures in Goodman’s Fields, created by wildlife sculptor Hamish Mackie.

Goodman’s Field is the recently opened 7-acre luxury development in London, built by Berkeley Homes. The mixed-use building and 2 acres of landscaped gardens stand on land that once was use to graze London’s livery horses. And so naturally, when it came time to give the grounds an artistic touch, horses again became the order of the day.

Of course, real live horses would probably not appreciate living there as they once did in the 19th Century. Instead, the developers commissioned Hamish Mackie to bring the magnificent creatures to life, which he did in the shape of six larger-than-life bronze horses frolicking in water fountains about the grounds.

It is truly a sight to behold. Each of the horses is a different breed, including an Arab, Andalusian and Irish Cob. The lead stallion rears up dramatically, overseeing commuters as they make their busy way about the city, while another jumps up out of the rippling water.

If I were in London, I’d be grabbing lunch in this place tomorrow! But, alas I am not. So we must settle for videos. I recommend you skip the first minute of this film. Who can care about apartments and pavers when there are horse sculptures involved? But then you get to the good stuff.

Or, for an epic retelling of the entire creation process, give this video a try. The dramatic music, and the moment the horse sculptures cross Tower Bridge, will not disappoint!

Finally, if you’ve just seen a face (of a horse sculpture) that you can’t live without, have no fear! Exact scale replicas of the bronze horses are for sale for a handsome price on Mackie’s website: Hamish Mackie Sculpture. Happy shopping!

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