A Stunning Tribute To The Foremost Nag In All The World

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Rocinante and Book

No one has ever taken naming his brand new steed more seriously than the legendary Don Quixote. A knight of his magnitude obviously needed a horse with a distinctive name that matched his rider’s prowess. After four days of serious thought, Quixote settled on the name Rocinante, which in Spanish means “the foremost nag in all the world.” Nailed it!

Original Drawing of Rocinante's Head

Original Drawing of Rocinante’s Head

The timeless masterpiece “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, featuring the fearless Rocinante, was completed 400 years ago this year. In honor of this important milestone, the professionals at Oyma 3D are gifting Quixote the horse of his dreams.

Oyma 3D’s stunning 3D-Printed Sculpture of Rocinante is anything but a nag. Made of flexible white nylon plastic with a matte finish, this intricately designed horse befits a Knight of the highest honor. The quote from “Don Quixote: “Thou hast seen nothing yet” is engraved on Rocinante’s horseshoe shaped base.

Rocinante came together through the collective efforts of artists and vendors from Egypt, Spain, Holland and the USA. Sketching was done in Egypt, 3D modeling and bronze casting in Spain, 3D printing prototyping in Holland and the final 3D printing will be in the USA. Here is a three dimensional peek at the final product.

Starting this month and continuing while supplies last, Don Quixote fans can make the Rocinante sculpture, as well as many other renderings of the horse, their own via Oyma 3D’s Indiegogo campaign here: Rocinante: A Stunning 3D-Printed Horse Sculpture. In addition to the sculpture, magnets, wall clocks, prints of the original sketches, t-shirts, and even a bronze cast version of Rocinante are available now with your contribution to the project.

Now we all can lay claim to the foremost nag in all the world if we don’t already!


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