Songs For An Equestrian Summer

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

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Can you feel it? Summer is almost here at last!

The first official day of the seasons arrives on Sunday, and we here at 100% Sound want to make sure equestrians are ready to make the most of it this year. It’s time for horses and riders alike to soak up the sun, take on a daring adventure, and absolutely “go big or go home!” This brand new 100% Sound playlist will help you do just that.

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify here: Songs For An Equestrian Summer


1. FOX ON THE RUN by The Features from the album The Features

More than any other season, summer seems to fly by so fast. And yet, it’s also the time when we make the most equestrian memories – horse shows, summer camps, maybe even a moonlight ride! I begin with this song by The Features to remind us all to get out and get moving like a fox on the run before the summer is gone. “It’s a mighty fine way to survive!”

2. WILD CHILD by Brett Dennen from the album Wild Child

One of the best things about horseback riding is that the sport basically requires you go out in the wild. Even if you avoid trail rides into the great unknown, there is simply no way to avoid getting your hands dirty.   Celebrate it by singing, “I am, I am, I am, I am, I am a wild child, momma!” along with Brett Dennen this summer.

3. LEAF OFF / THE CAVE by José González from the album Vestiges & Claws

Like the two prior tracks, “Leaf Off/The Cave” is filled with imagery from the great outdoors. But rather than encouraging equestrians to run wild in the sun, José González advises you to “take a moment to reflect where you’re going,” and “let life lead you out.” May your summer be filled not only with time to run but also time to reflect.

4. THE GREAT UNKNOWN by Jukebox The Ghost from the album Jukebox The Ghost

While we are composing the perfect equestrian summer bucket list, do not forget to add the opportunity to try something completely new. As Jukebox the Ghost says, “the time is now, so let go” and try something higher, harder, or faster with your favorite horse this summer as you sing this song.

5. RENEGADES by X Ambassadors from the album Renegades

Just in case you find yourself losing your nerve to make the most of your equestrian summer, X Ambassadors would like to remind you to take a page from the playbook of some historical horseback riders. Whether you call the renegades, rebels or outlaws, one thing was clear – these guys carved their own trails on the back of some fine horses. “Running wild and running free” this summer never forget you can do the same!

6. AMERICA’S SWEETHEART by Elle King from the album Love Stuff

Ready to “So kick out the jams, kick up the soul” this summer? Elle King can help you with that. She may have “dirty hands” and “old boots on” like us equestrians, but she sure knows how to have a good time anyway. I bet you can relate!

7. CAVALRY CAPTAIN by The Decemberists from the album What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

Obviously, this new Decemberists tune based on Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “Charge of the Light Brigade” is perfect for your equestrian summer. Okay, maybe not obviously…but I’m going to make a case for it. Amid undeniable horse references, “Cavalry Captain” imparts a love story, taking place under the stars “only for second.” Picture it and soak up the sensation of a moment, real or imaginary, from a wonderful summer night. Just do it!

8. INTO THE WILD by Lewis Watson from the album The Wild

Lewis Watson sings about a love that could be a way of life found when you “step out into the wild.” Take his advice this summer, and you may just find a special relationship yourself with a human or, knowing equestrians, with a horse! The most important part is simply to “go off road.”

9. THESE NIGHTS by Crystal Fighters from the album Cave Rave

Summer days in the sun may be sublime, but, as they say, oh those summer nights! Along with Crystal Fighters, equestrians can trek out to open grass and take it all in properly. “Oh, these nights never end, no!”

10. GO BIG OR GO HOME by American Authors from the album Go Big Or Go Home

In the end, the message is simple: this summer “go big or go home.” The season is rushing by and it hasn’t even begun. So equestrians, let’s go a little wild before it’s too late! “I’ll sleep when I’m dead, you can bury me.”

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