Polo Ponies Make Their Mark On Watergate Bay

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Polo ponies have made their mark in a big way across two miles of Cornish coastline to celebrate the return of GWR Polo on the Beach Festival to Watergate Bay in Cornwall. We here at Counter-Canter Culture rarely see horses and art come together with such perfection!

The hooves of actual polo ponies made the sand drawing of a polo pony and player in motion, measuring 54 meters wide and 64 meters long. For a bit of perspective, that makes the massive horse 582 hands tall! It contains 3,840 cantering hoof prints and 50 mallet marks.

Watergate Bay Polo Horse AerialRenowned Polo players Andrew Burgess and Rohan Kelly took to their saddles on Tonka and La Sophia respectively to bring the work of art to life. These polo ponies made for perfect equine artists as they are known for their agility and fast-paced turns reaching speeds of 40 mph.

Burgess remarked to the Cornish Guardian, “It was an incredible experience. As a professional polo player it’s not often you get to really cut lose with your horse like that. Galloping across those sands in the sun is not something I’ll soon forget.”

The opportunity to appreciate the magnificent animal was fleeting as it swept at to sea with the rising tide. However, have no fear! The work was caught on photo and film by drones! Just check out this video:

GWR Polo on the Beach Festival 2015 returns to Watergate Bay on June 26-28. Find out more about GWR Polo on the Beach Festival at http://www.watergatebay.co.uk/polo

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