Dressage In The Key Of DSharp

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Getting the right music for a dressage freestyle can be a daunting task. When Grand Prix rider Caroline Roffman and her mount Her Highness O found themselves on the United States’ short list for the World Equestrian Games last year, they went in search of that perfect sound, and found violinist DSharp.

Derryck Gleaton, better known as DSharp, is not your stereotypical classical musician.   His high-energy fusion of dance, house, pop, rock, soul, electro, hip-hop and classical music has been featured in a variety of high-profile clubs around the world, and made him an Internet sensation. Roffman contacted DSharp about composing freestyle music for her, and the intrigued DSharp accepted.

The rest might have been wonderful WEG history, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Her Highness was sold before the games, and Roffman did not make the team. But Roffman and DSharp were still eager to collaborate.

This March they finally made it happen! While DSharp was in Florida for Miami Music Week he headed over to Lionshare Dressage in Wellington to shoot a music video with Roffman. For the video, Roffman provided fancy footwork aboard Lusitano gelding Vade-Mecum Interagro, from Interagro Lusitanos. Australian Grand Prix show jumper Ben Meredith can also be seen in the music video flying over an oxer.

And now at last, the video is available for viewing on YouTube. The moment you realize that ‘DSharp’ is made up of all dressage letters, you too will realize this was meant to be! Take a look:

And incidently, this is not Roffman’s first brush with Internet fame. The video of the musical freestyle that Roffman and Her Highness O performed to Katy Perry’s “Roar” at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival last year went viral. It’s not hard to see why.

We at 100% Sound are excited to see what music Caroline Roffman will bring to the world of dressage next!

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