Down To The Wire: Is WAR HORSE A True Story?

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Pynson Mossman on his Army-assigned ‘bone rattler.’ Supplied.

While there is no evidence that Michael Morpurgo, author of the critically acclaimed novel and theater and film sensation, “War Horse,” ever traveled to New Zealand to flesh out the tale of Joey and his loving owner, Albert, it turns out that the story bears a striking resemblance to that of Trooper Pynson Mossman of the Wellington Mounted Rifles.

Mossman’s daughter, Virginia Dysart, recently shared her father’s famous story with, and reminds us that the “War Horse” tale, while in many ways magical, also reminds of the hard plight of horses in World War I. At least this tale, like Joey’s, seems to have a cinematic ending courtesy of none other than Lawrence of Arabia!

Read all about it here: NZ’s own War Horse story.

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