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Sometimes it’s hard to be humble when you’re an equestrian. The sports long time partnership with luxury brand Hermès is the perfect case in point.   From Hermès, we get fine tack, classic clothing, riding sponsorship, and even an unbelievably gorgeous horseshow in Paris’s famous Grand Palais. That is undenailably, well, awesome!

Alice Shirley Pegasus Zebra for Hermès

Zebra Pegasus by Alice Shirley for Hermès

So in honor of that upcoming unbelievable gorgeous horseshow, Saut Hermès, taking place on April 10th, 11th, and 12th, Counter-Canter Culture and Riding Habit revised would like to highlight the cooler side of one of equestrian sports top partners. This edgier new look emanates from another group with which Hermès has developed amazing partnerships – up and coming artists.

Just recently, the fashion house released a series of scarves and shawls featuring the boldly-colored Zebra Pegasus print by a young talent out of London named Alice Shirley. Shirley is a graduate of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and The Prince’s Drawing School. In addition to her collaboration with Hermès, she regularly shares her time projects at the Natural History Museum in London.

For her Hermès image, Shirley paired the myth of Pegasus with the famously untameable African zebra. Pegasus, the celestial mount of Zeus, brought forth the fountain of the Muses with a kick of his hoof and was turned into a constellation by the king of the gods. In Shirley’s version, Pegasus began not as a horse, but a zebra, and he borrowed his wins from his brightly plumed parrot friends.   And the result is up to Hermès’s undeniably awesome standards!

The image is transferred on to 36” x 36 silk twill scarves in nine colors, and in two colors on to 55” x 55 cashmere and silk shawls. And if you want to see this modern myth brought to life, we highly recommend this lovely stop motion video created by Hermès to accompany the product line, and, of course, for your own divine inspiration!

Shop scarves and shawls featuring Alice Shirley’s Zebra Pegasus on the La Maison des Carrés Hermès here: Zebra Pegasus.

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