Down To The Wire: A Rainbow-Colored Horse With Something To Say

Down to the Wire

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English–born, Vancouver-based artist David Spriggs is reviving the image of military and political leaders atop horses to make a statement in his 20-foot, rainbow-colored sculpture, entitled Regisole, on display now through May 9, 2015 at Montreal’s Arsenal Gallery.

This oversized piece, made from 96 sheets of hand-painted glass that form an image of a riot officer on horseback, rendered in the style of a thermal-imaging camera, is nearly invisible from most angles. And while it may be in many ways beautiful, the sculpture is intended to symbolize the relative anonymity of the powers that shape modern day life. Who knew a rainbow horse could say all that?!

Regisole is the star of Spriggs’ solo show called Prism, which itself is a play on both the clandestine National Security Agency program that collected online data from foreign nationals and the lens that was Sprigg’s medium for the project.

Even if you can’t make it to the show in person, you can take an in depth look at the magnificent Regisole in this video:

For more on Regisole and the other works of art by Sprigg on display at the Arsenal, jump over to Wired’s recent article: A Rainbow-Colored Horse That Takes Aim At National Security or the Arsenal website here: Arsenal Montreal.

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