Horses Dish On What It’s Really Like To Work With Taylor Swift

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Taylor Standing On Horse 720

Hot off the presses this weekend is the story of Chico and Paco, the horses behind the Taylor Swift video, “Blank Space.” News outlets everywhere are running with this story about the two Maryland based Andalusians, exposing what it’s really like to work with America’s pop princess.

Among the big reveals is the fact that, no, Swift did not actually stand on her steed’s back, but rather opted to have that scene photoshopped. And, yes, Swift did truly freak out her otherwise imposing scene partner when she went crazy with an ax.

In case you forgot the these iconic scenes, here’s Taylor Swift’s hit video again:

But, here at Counter-Canter Culture, we feel that one magazine really put the right spin on this horse ‘tale.’ In Elle, Chico and Paco are presented in all their Andalusian pride, proving that Swift has nothing on the attitude of two television horses!

Definitely jump over to Elle for all the sass of ‘Blank Space’ Horses on What It’s Really Like to Work With Taylor Swift. You will not be disappointed!

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