Six Songs Between A Girl And Her Horse

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate love of all kinds. Romantic love between humans may be sublime, but most equestrians will admit there is nothing like the love between a girl and her horse.

When you are young, a horse is your first great wish and love (Pony Song). As you begin to grow up, that same horse is the perfect means of escape from the ways of the world and love that may just be moving a bit too fast (On A Carousel).

As for men, some of them simply can’t understand that bond between girl and horse (Why Do Girls Love Horses). But then, the good ones always do (She Loves To Ride Horses).

In the end, the beautiful artwork of Rebecca Manley probably says it best. Even as a grown woman, a horse can fill a hole in the heart that all the other trappings of adult life simply cannot. So this Valentine’s Day, remember to hug your horse and listen to 100% Sound!

1. A Girl And Her Horse by Carbon Leaf

2. Pony Song by The Redlands Palomino Company

3. On A Carousel by The Hollies

4. Why Do Girls Love Horses by Adam Ant

5. She Loves To Ride Horses – Guy Clark

6. The Girl & The Horse by Rebecca Manley

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