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Ever wonder what would happen if some of the biggest music junkies in the world congregated in one place and made a playlist about horse songs? Well, The Guardian did. Last year, they made “Songs About Horses” the topic of their weekly reader recommended playlist.

The idea behind reader recommended playlists is simple. Each Friday, Guardian readers are asked to nominate their favorite songs on a certain topic, and the following Thursday a playlist is published with the cream of the crop. The result is a playlist almost devoid of the standards you might expect, like “Wild Horses” or one of a hundred Garth Brooks songs. Rather it spans the length and depth of the legacy of songs about horses.

Even I learned a few new horse songs, paging through the official playlist, B-list, and 33 pages of reader recommendations. One such song is “A Horse in the Country” by Cowboy Junkies, which completely capture the pure escapism of being on the back of a horse.

If you are serious about horse music, you seriously need to take a look at The Guardian article: Readers recommend: songs about horses. And don’t forget the to read all the comments and recommendations that went in to making this marvelous list!

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