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T.W. Ingersoll/Library of Congress

Theodore Roosevelt was one politician who was usually good with a horse.  (T.W. Ingersoll/Library of Congress)

You may have heard – over the holidays Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-Va.) took a tumble from a horse while on vacation in Tanzania. While he is recovering nicely, the inquiring minds over at Mother Jones couldn’t help but wonder, “Just how often do horses use their own superior sense, and decided to toss their political mounts?”

Turns out, it happens all the time! This even though (or perhaps because) the horse has not been a principle mode of transportation for a century. If you care to see who is keeping company with Gov. McAuliffe these days, check out the mostly light-hearted Mother Jones article: Gallop Poll: A Brief History of Politicians Falling Off Horses.

Of course, sustaining injuries from a horse fall is no laughing matter. But – as this sneak peak from the article proves – when a pretty pompous politician is put in his place while sustaining no harm, perhaps at least chuckle is okay. Thanks for this one Geelong, Australia, mayor Darryn Lyons!


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