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It’s art! It’s décor! Stop. You’re both right. When artist Dylan Egon met the masterminds behind reGENERATION furniture in New York a few years ago, the idea for his “Art As Lifestyle” collection was born! The result is an exhibition of mid-century modern furniture that is perfect for the progressive equestrian.

Egon is best known for his mixed media assemblage pieces that include imagery from American pop culture and his signature modern graphic hieroglyphics. Luckily for us, two of his favorite images are the horse and horseshoe. And he has a great affinity for found objects from Hermes!

Today, if you have a few dollars to drop on edgy equestrian décor, then Dylan Egon’s collection is absolutely your best bet! Just checks out this bedroom designed by Egon, featuring his “12 Horse” print, custom horse pillows and quilt, blanketed horse bedside table, and Hermes saddle stool.


And for those of you in the market for the Dylan Egon look at a slightly lower price point, have no fear! In keeping with the artist’s ideals of making his work popular and accessible, he has also designed a lovely Pendleton wool blanket featuring his trademark hieroglyphics as well as a Billy Kirk tote bag just to name a few items.

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To shop all of Dylan Egon’s work, try his website: Dylan Egon, and his collection on the reGENERATION website: reGENERATION Dylan Egon.

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