Death Metal Singer Finds A Stable Relationship

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Photograph via the A.V. Club

In his professional life, singer Tomas Lindberg fronts bands that brings the chaos of death metal to the world. But when asked by the brilliant A.V. Club, what he ‘really, really likes,’ his answer might surprise the equestrian world. His answer is the family North Swedish horse, Nicke.

Lindberg says that time with Nicke provides calm, focus and mindfulness in his otherwise loud and busy life. He goes on to tell the A.V. Club, “A horse person would probably laugh at this, but [for me riding is] more about how I’m just amazed that he gives me so much even if I’m still learning.”

Actually, sir, the truth may be just the opposite. At least it is for this horse person. I’m more than impressed by how much you already appreciate! Don’t miss this very special intersection between death metal and horses brought to you by the A.V. Club.

Full Article Here: At The Gates’ Tomas Lindberg on why he loves his North Swedish horse

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