Arts & Equitainment: The Menacing and Magical Merry-Go-Round

A&E logoCan a carousel be edgy? Painter from the height of the First World War, Mark Gertler, thought so. In his 1916 work, ‘’Merry-Go-Round,’ Gertler depicts wounded soldiers at a local fair, seemingly rigid and trapped on a never-ending loop. It’s an image that is enticing and menacing at the same time.

Fast-forward nearly a century. Fashion photographer and provocateur Miles Aldridge chooses ‘Merry-Go-Round’ as the work he will reimagine to celebrate the newly redesigned Tate Britain. And to bring his photographs to life he employs the increasingly-famous handcrafted carousel horses by Ian Hunt.

See Hunt’s horses in action and Aldridge’s photographs take shape in this short film from Tate Britain. For the final images, jump over to the Counter-Canter Culture Pinterest page.

More recently, Ian Hunt and his fairground carousel horses are gaining cred outside of the serious art set. One is now part of the iconic children’s stories of ‘Paddington Bear’ via the feature film, ‘Paddington,’ slated for release in the U.S. on January 16. The film will showcase Hunt’s creation in the Brown’s family home, the place where Paddington goes to stay after arriving from Peru.

According to Hunt, thanks to this placement he has “now risen up in the ‘cool’ stakes in the eyes of [his] kids!”

You can get a sneak peak of Hunt’s very famous carousel horse in the official trailer below. Of course, you’ll have to head out to the theaters next week for a better look!

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