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Think you’ve seen bridles in every shape, size and color imaginable? Guess again unless you’ve been perusing the OS Saddlery website lately!

OS Saddlery, founded by Otto Schumacher in 1953, specializes in handcrafted, one-of-a-kind horseback riding equipment to suit the taste of every customer. Now, on their website, Styled By Me, you can design the bridle of your dreams, right down to the very last thread.

It takes a seven-step process to create your personalized bridle, with customizations available in the bridle model, buckle material, padding color, browband shape and design, noseband style, leather and thread color, reins and more! In the end, costumers have a bridle that absolutely screams “Me!”

Here are a few bridles that have come out of OS Saddlery, proving that the sky really is the limit on these designs. So get out there and make one for your self.


Trense Venedig: Bridle Venedig, 3cm special combination noseband, white padding, stainless steel hardware, browband Tiffany (6mm) curved silver shade-lt.grey opal-fuchsia-chrysolite-white opal – silver setting, with web reins



Trense Venedig Coloured Limited: Bridle Venedig Coloured Limited, 5cm XL-Soft special combination noseband, stainless steel hardware, browband XL (8mm) curved multicoloured, with web reins


Trense Kronborg

Trense Kronborg: Bridle Kronborg siam with 4cm english combination noseband with finest inlay siam, stainless steel hardware, soft padded neck piece, browband finest curved siam, with web reins


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