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Dancing With Pencil FlyerGraphite artist and equestrian, Rebecca Taylor, is on course for a fitting and fabulous debut this week.

Not far outside of London, England, lies the historic market town of Horsham. In medieval times, this town was known as a hot bed of horse-trading. Today, the industry has modernized, but town’s connection to the horse remains, particularly in the collections of the Horsham Museum & Art Gallery.

The Museum boasts a collection f some 5,000 items relating to saddlery and lorinery, which are small iron objects, especially bits, spurs, stirrups, and mountings for horse’s bridles. And it is amongst these historical horse pieces in a historical horse town that Rebecca Taylor’s exhibition entitled “Dressage: Dancing With Pencil” will debut on January 8.

Taylor says that the decision to create pencil drawings of horses was rooted in her childhood. “I was fortunate enough to grow up around a range of horses, which incited a great love and passion for these magnificent, regal animals which has enabled me to create almost photorealistic drawings. For me it is the simplicity of the pencil which is its greatest asset. Its power allows me to get to the very essence of a subject. Black and white doesn’t distract in the way that color can.”

Indeed, Taylor’s work is quite striking, even to Britain’s most famous equestrian. Taylor’s portfolio includes a number of remarkable drawings of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, one of which she presented Dujardin hereself. Charlotte adored the drawing, and offered her support to the self-taught artist. Taylor has also captured famous dressage horse Totilas in graphite.

“Dressage: Dancing With Pencil” kicks off with an invitation-only viewing on the 8th, and then will be open to the public from January 9 to February 28. Rebecca Taylor will be in the museum on January 17, from 11am to 1pm, to meet with visitors.

If you can’t find your way to Horsham this winter, have no fear. You can still appreciate the great works of up-and-comer Rebecca Taylor on her website: Rebecca Taylor Graphite Artist.

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