Part 4 – For The Horse

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The gift giving time has arrived!  Did you remember to pick up something for your favorite pony?  I’m sure he or she has been a perfect saint this year and deserves to sparkle in the new year.

Just in case you still don’t know what to get, here’s our final Favorite Things list filled with things both you and your horses will love!

Riding Gear

1. Embellished Spur Straps by Spur of the Moment

2. Whimsical Whips

3. Heather Wear Winter Helmet Covers

Sheets & Blankets

1. Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet

2. The Houndstooth Horse Fleece Quarter Sheets

3. Pessoa Alpine Midweight Turnout Blanket

Custom Horse Apparel

1. Custom Horse Fly Bonnet from Elegant Reflections, too

2. Custom Saddlery

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 5.34.54 PM

3. Equijem Originals Polo Wraps

One Dreamy Saddle!

1. Lamborghini Saddle GP1 Limited Edition

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