A Horsey Jingle Bells

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This year I faced that unenviable task of cleaning out my childhood things, and I found my fair share of “ghosts of Christmas past” in my archives. Like Scrooge, there were some ghosts I’d rather forget, but the year I cherished a small unicorn notepad is not one of them!

For when I opened up that notepad (yes that one to the left below), what did I find my very best attempt at a horsey Christmas Carol! And no, I don’t mean an enduring work à la Charles Dickens. I mean a holiday tune inspired by barn work on Christmas Eve, which shall now forever go by the oh so clever name, “A Horsey Jingle Bells,” just as it was written in my childhood notepad.

And now without further ado, I give you (with a shout out to Horse Nation’s Christmas Carols Series this week here):

Unicorn Jingle Bell Lyrics


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