Down To The Wire: 12.16.14 – Christmas Tree Defies Physics With The Help From Horses

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Four draft horses haul a 30-foot Christmas tree down River Street in Manistee, Mich., during the annual Victorian Sleighbell Parade. (HANDOUT) (via The Chicago Tribune)

Need a little something to get you in the holiday spirit today? Try a parade featuring four Belgian horses pulling a several-stories high Christmas tree down the street!

The 26th Annual Victorian Sleighbell Parade took place on December 6 in Manistee, Michigan. And as usual, the star of the show the enormous Christmas tree that made its way, fully upright and decorated, through town courtesy of a team of hardworking draft horses.

Two new exciting aspects of the parade this year were, first, that it was finally televised so that the whole world can now partake in a sight committee member, Joanne Cleaver, calls “in defiance of all common sense and several laws of physics.”

And second, is the fun behind-the-scenes commentary on the parade from Cleaver for the Chicago Tribune. Suffice to say that having a big brass band march behind four massive draft horses can provide a logistical nightmare!

For a quick peak at the parade as well as the many other events that make of the four-day Old Christmas Weekend in Manistee, try this short film from Walking In Grandpa’s Footprints.

Then hop over to the hilarious coverage from Ms. Cleaver for The Chicago Tribune here: A Christmas fit for Queen Victoria.

And for the newly minted diehard Victorian Sleighbell Parade fans, you can now watch the event in its entirety here: Re-Watch Manistee’s Victorian Sleighbell Parade, Online Now!

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