Part 2: Accessories

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Looking for the perfect big or little thing to get your non-conformist equestrian friend? That’s exactly what Part 2 of Counter-Canter Culture and Riding Habit Revised’s Favorite Things is all about!   From bags, to belts, to jewelry and more, this list contains something to spice up every rider’s holiday.

As always, click on the picture to get shopping. And if you’d like to see even more suggestions from the Counter-Canter Culture team, we encourage you to check out our Pinterest page. That’s where we store our favorite things all year round as we find them. Happy hunting!


1. Hotline Ink  Sound Wave Zebra

Soundwave Music Zebra on Sound System

2. Crowned Crow Hobo Bags

Crowned Crow Handbags
3. Free Rein Designs



1. Mandfredi

2. C4 Belts

C4 Belts at Valencia Saddlery

3. Kippy and BB Simon Belts at Cowgirl Glitter

Cowgirl Belts


1. H O R S E ~ T R I B E Brand

Horse Tribe Horse Crazy

2. Back In The Saddle

3. Hot Southern Mess Designs

Horseshoe Green Bracelet


1. Brooke Stone Jewelry

Brook Stone Jewelry Horse Totem Square 400

2. Perfectly Random Designs

3. Betsey Johnson



1. Pins by Elektra

2. All For The Want Of A Horseshoe Ring by Metropark

Metropark Ring

3. Charms by Lauren G. Adams

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