The Horse Circus: 12.5.14

The Horse CircusWe pretend to go to the horse show but everyone really knows it’s a circus!

Bring on the clowns! And the horses too!

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Gucci Paris Masters Banner 2

Gucci Paris Masters

The acclaimed Masters Grand Slam Series returns to its hometown this weekend with the 6th annual Gucci Paris Masters. And clearly there is still no place like home. As the new jewel of the weeklong Salon du Cheval de Paris, the Gucci Paris Masters lights up the arena with world-class sport and entertainment.

For a cinematic look inside, worthy of the Grand Slam’s new stop in Hollywood, check out this trailer for the 2014 Gucci Paris Masters:

Among the most entertaining events on the calendar are the Longines Battle of the Sexes and the Style & Competition for AMADE charity class. The battle of the sexes pits ten of the best male and female riders against each other in a show jumping in a test of 2 phases with a winning round for a prize of €100 000. Last year the spoils went to the men, so except to see the women looking for some revenge.

Gucci Store at The Prestige Village

Gucci Store at The Prestige Village

Meanwhile, the Style & Competition for AMADE charity class is the costume event of the Gucci Paris Masters, orchestrated by style icon Charlotte Casiraghi. The class features ten rider combinations, including one professional from the Masters Grand Slam (CSI 5*) and one amateur from the Invitational Trophy (CSI 1*). The teams are judged based on faults, time and, of course, costumes and accompanying music style! Through this event, Gucci, EEM World and the international riders lend their support to the World Association of Children’s Friends by donating 60% of the winnings.

Yet another not to be missed event is the Shetland Pony Race. As an opener for the Gucci Grand Prix, twelve children between the ages of 8 and 12 who have obtained something called a “Galop 3 Riding Diploma” participate in what promises to be a very competitive race. Just take a look at all the training they had to go through!

As if all this merriment were not enough, the Gucci Paris Masters also offers up the beautiful Prestige Village, filled with top-notch vendors, music and art. A not-to-be-missed feature is the Opera Gallery, which makes its first appearance at the Paris leg of the Masters Grand Slam. Enjoy this short video on the Opera Gallery at the Masters:

There really is nothing like being at a Grand Slam Masters event. But if you can’t be there, you can follow the action (in French) on their social media:

Facebook: Masters Grand Slam

Twitter: @MastersGS

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