Holiday Totes For The Environmentally Conscious Equestrian

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The season of shopping is upon us, which means just one thing for the environmentally conscious equestrian. You are going to need a lot of tote bags! My article from earlier this year, Step Out With A Green Horse Tote And Make A Statement, was quite hit with readers, so I thought why not offer up ten more totes just in time for holiday madness?

Among the bags below is a look that is sure to suit every shape and size of Counter-Canter Culture equestrian. To make one of these beauties your own or even to give it as a gift itself, just click on the picture. Happy shopping!

1. The Upcycled Tote

The Upcycled Tote

2. The Green Horse Power Tote

The Green Horse Power Tote

3. The Year Of The Horse Tote

The Year Of The Horse Tote

4. The Dressage Queen Tote

The Dressage Queen Tote

5. The Circus Horse Tote

The Circus Horse Tote 2

6. The Cute Yet Edgy Tote

The Edgy Yet Cute Tote

7. The Rockin’ Horse Tote

The Rockin' Horse Tote

8. The Band Tote

The Band Tote

9. The Brand Tote

The Brand Tote

10. The Tattoo Tote

The Tattoo Tote

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