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"Frankenboot" from Bionic Cowgirl Designs

“Frankenboot” from Bionic Cowgirl Designs

Paige Hill calls her business Bionic Cowgirl Designs, and that seems pretty accurate. In 2013, Paige suffered a very serious horse training accident, leaving her bedridden for months with a leg full of metal when she would rather be out getting her horse fix on the farm. But instead of bemoaning her situation, Paige mustered up some superhuman courage and decided to innovate.

"Curlin" from Bionic Cowgirl Designs

“Curlin” from Bionic Cowgirl Designs

Relying upon her impressive formal education, vast equestrian industry experience in everything from hunters to racing to reining, and motivation to learn something new, Paige found a way to stay connected to the horses and nature she loved so much through graphic artwork and design.  And soon enough she discovered her own style!  Her hybrid of traditional subjects and materials found in nature fused with contemporary techniques and flair is highlighting the beauty of nature and the modern horseman’s life.

When Paige first set out to share this artwork with the world her goals were reasonable. She needed to pay off the medical expenses that come with a horrific fall. But now that she is back on her feet, literally and figuratively, she has even bigger goals in mind. Recently, she donated a few of her signed prints to an online auction benefitting Borrowed Time Equine Rescue in Fallon, Nevada, and has thus far raised $400 for the cause.

"Ghost Horse" from Bionic Cowgirl Designs

“Ghost Horse” from Bionic Cowgirl Designs

True to form, in 2015, Paige plans to keep Bionic Cowgirl moving forward. She is setting her sights on taking the business to the next level as a graphic design studio specializing in the equestrian industry. And she would like to open an online shop for her artwork, which will continue her commitment to charity by donating a portion of each sale to horse-related causes.

Right now, you can see Paige Hill’s evolving style everyday over on her Twitter feed (@BionicCowgirl) as she takes part in a 21-Day Drawing Challenge. The challenge is a way for Paige to hone her skills and experiment with different styles and subjects. As a sneak peek, here is the eye-catching pop art illustration from Day 4 called “Punkalino.”

"Punkalino" from Bionic Cowgirl Designs

“Punkalino” from Bionic Cowgirl Designs

Be sure to keep up with all the updates from Paige Hill, as she will surely continue to motivate us all to overcome life’s challenges with a little bit of creativity! Here are just a few ways to follow this Bionic Cowgirl and her designs:

Website: Bionic Cowgirl Designs
Facebook: Bionic Cowgirl Designs
Twitter: @BionicCowgirl

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