Five Reasons Why Black Horse Motel Is Music For and From Fine People

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On their website, Philadelphia-based Americana band, Black Horse Motel, boldly states that they are “music for and from fine people.” Since Counter-Canter Culture equestrians are decidedly “fine people,” it seemed only appropriate to test whether this horsey-named band is for us. The answer is in short – yes, and here are five reasons why!

1. With a name like Black Horse Motel, it’s not immediately obvious what kind of music this band producers.   But just a quick look through their catalog reveals that they rock a very intelligent blend of folksy, almost bluegrass, music with a more traditional indie sound. I suggest that you take this stroll through their musical tracks on YouTube, where you can also enjoy their creative music video making skills. Here are two videos for flavor!


2. Much like Counter-Canter Culture, Black Horse Motel is fond of using fun horse analogies for their columns. While perusing their website, Black Horse Motel, be sure to check out “Horse Tracks” for insider information on what the band members are listening to other than themselves. Then consult “The Feedbag” for member Desireé’s column sharing her recipes for BHM-approved (people) treats.

3. In addition to being a horsey-named band, Black Horse Motel has made it a habit to rock some pretty horsey venues as well. Case-in-point, Philadelphia’s Boot & Saddle. More on this venue in the next edition of 100% Sound!

4. Black Horse Motel is responsible for giving Bruce Springsteen’s famous and 100% Featured track (here) “Dancing In The Dark” this folk music twist. Knowing Springsteen’s equestrian inclinations, I think he’d join us in giving this one a thumbs-up!

5. And for number five, at this time of year I am simply pleased to feature a band that has it’s very own Thanksgiving meme! So I’m handing the sign off over to Black Horse Motel….

Black Horse Motel Thanksgiving

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