Down To The Wire: Raise The Barn Roof

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With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to give back to the broader equestrian community that means so much to so many. Here’s one way you can make a difference.

In May, the Farmers Insurance sponsored Thank A Million Teachers kicked off the Dream Big Teacher Challenge, which offers $100,000 to one special proposal from an American educator. Currently, out of the many extraordinary submissions, just 15 finalists remain. Among the finalists is Maggie Kendall, who runs a very special riding program for an inner city school in Chicago. Here is her story from Thank A Million Teachers:

Chicago High School for Agriculture Sciences is home to Chicago’s only working farm and is the only viable location for an equestrian program for regular and special needs kids and adults. The school’s population comprises 13 percent special needs students and 50 percent of the families are below the poverty level.

Currently, students can only ride outside and, with Chicago winter’s being what they are, this severely limits the time the students have with the specially-trained horses. If Kendall were to win the $100,000 grant, she’d help fund an indoor arena, which would not only extend the program year round but also offer more opportunities to special needs children and adults throughout the area.

Head over to the Thank A Million Teachers today to vote to Raise The Barn Roof for Maggie Kendall and her exceptional students. Voting closes on November 30th, so don’t delay! You can find her proposal here: Vote For A $100,000 Proposal.

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