Unbridled – A Festival of Horses, Music & Food Premiers in Canberra

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Earlier this year, I announced with excitement the inaugural edition of Unbridled – A Festival of Horses, Music & Food in Canberra, Australia. Today, the festival is finally here! In fact, due to the massive time difference between Canberra and Los Angeles, it’s almost over. So, it’s the perfect time for you to check in on all the horse and music action.

For all the updates, including the amazing evening performances from musicians Fiona Bevan and Busby Marou, follow the Unbridled Festival on social media:

Facebook: Unbridled Festival of Horses, Music & Food
Twitter: @UnbridledFest

And just in case you missed it, here’s the scoop on The Unbridled Festival!


Unbridled Festival PosterIt seems its impossible to keep a good idea like horses and music down these days. And we at 100% Sound are very glad to hear it! Hot on the heals of the Festival Of The Horse & Drum in Illinois and the Alltech Music Festival at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy comes the announcement of yet another meeting of equines and musical entertainment.

This time it’s Australia, Canberra to be exact, getting into the act with the inaugural Unbridled Festival on November 15, 2014. According to the festival organizers, Canberra is the perfect location for a horse fest thanks to the fact that the region boasts the highest ownership per capita of horses in Australia.

There will be no shortage of horse skills on hand. The horse arenas will showcase a multitude of disciplines such as 6 pole horse jumping, jousting and horseback archery, horses playing soccer, barrel racing, reining, dancing horses, tent pegging and an amazing horse spectacular encompassing lighting, sound and acrobatics.

Not to mention the fact that Unbridled will be home to the first Australian Horseboarding Championship. Horseboarding, in case you don’t know, is a new equine extreme sport in which skateboarders are pulled behind horses!

As for the music element, the organizers have put together an impressive bill, including UK star Fiona Bevan and Australia’s own Busby Marou.  For a full list of performers – horse and human – jump over to the Unbridled website here: 2014 Unbridled Performers.

I’ll sign off this Saturday with a quirky music video from Busby Marou, featuring model horses and puppets in cowboy hats. Enjoy!

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