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Turf Club BannerThough this southern California may not like to admit it, I’m starting to get the feeling that Middle America has the inside track on making horses mainstream cool through music. In this vast region between Los Angeles and New York, you’ll find the physical home of the premier online music destination, Daytrotter, and it’s famous recording studio known as The Horseshack; the family farm that really rocks – Codfish Hollow; and the barn come sound studio of Andrew Bird. Now add to that list the all-new Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Turf Club SignThe Turf Club itself is not new. Although founded in 1945 as restaurant bar called Kirch & Gillis Beverages, it was christened The Turf Club in 1950. The name is derived from the stables, racetrack, and clubhouse built nearby in 1881 by Norman Kittson, merchant and one-time mayor of St. Paul. “Kittsondale,” as this racing empire was called, was demolished in 1942, but The Turf Club remains as the self-proclaimed “best remnant of the 1940’s.” And so it is, especially since its grand reopening in late August of this year.

Turf Club MuralFrom June through August 28, The Turf Club closed its doors to make some much-needed renovations and reemerged this fall as one of the Twin Cities’ most popular venues for live music. The most stunning updates include a newly raised ceiling, a superior sound system, and some seriously impressive tiling in the bathrooms. But by far the best discovery was a huge horse mural behind the stage, which apparently had been hiding there since the 1940’s. Now it serves as the proper focal point of the whole venue.

Since the reopening, some of the best and brightest in music have graced the enlarged, horse-themed stage at The Turf Club. Just last night, 100% Sound favorite, Ryan Bingham played a solo set to a sold out crowd, and Horse Feathers are on deck to play November 22nd. You can see a complete events calendar on The Turf Club website here: Upcoming Events.

So, if you happen to be in the St. Paul area, or are just planning to pass through, I strongly suggest you check out all that The Turf Club has to offer. You can stay up to date via their social media:

Facebook: Turf Club
Twitter: @turf_club
Instagram: turfclubmn

And, I wasn’t kidding about this.  Be sure to check out that tile in the bathrooms!

Turf Club Bathroom

All picture via The Turf Club Facebook page

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