Thunder Clatter Gets Remixed For Winter Fields

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The process of crafting a 100% Sound playlist takes me on a strange and exciting journey through sound. While seeking the perfect song for a particular playlist, I almost always discover many more tracks I’d love to share though they aren’t quite a fit for the current theme. Usually I tuck these tunes away for someday in the future when the moment is right.

But this week, while crafting the playlist A Moonlight Ride (listen to it here), I came across a song I want to share right away: Jensen Sportag’s remix of the Wild Cub track “Thunder Clatter.” Fans of 100% Sound may remember that “Thunder Clatter” was featured on a playlist last year called War Horse: You Are My Song (listen to it here). This playlist offered a modern soundtrack to the acclaimed novel, play, and feature film, “War Horse.”

Now synth duo, Jensen Sportag, has offered up a dreamy remix of this track, which features as its cover artwork, of all things, a field of horses! This tune is more suited to a rainy afternoon than a moonlit night, but one thing is clear. Jensen Sportag make songs for the out of doors.

The pair’s debut full-length record, Stealth of Days, is due out on November 12, and member’s Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig told Interview Magazine that the album “takes place in the garden. [The first single] ‘Under the Rose’ is about an ordinary pain, pain of loss. Through passionate, extravagant memory-idealizing heartbreak ritual, then silence, the pain becomes our darkest secret. Through the autumn and winter we carry that most ancient symbol, the hidden rose, as we lament our lost love: the leaf that fell in spring.”

Take a listen to the lovely “Thunder Clatter” remix here. Then I encourage you to seek out Stealth of Days on November 12 to add the perfect soundtrack to your winter days!

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