Arts & Equitainment: Andrew Lever Equine Prints

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National Geographic Award winning photographer, Andrew Lever, would like to introduce you to a herd of twenty-two horses in Dorset, UK, that he befriended at the beginning of this year. Over the past month, he has released a series of stunning photographers recounting his experience getting to know each horse in the herd. Today, he says he feels like one of the family and it sure does look that way. Here they are just hanging out:

Equine photography is a particular passion of Lever, who says he used to ride horses when he was younger and feels an affinity with the beautiful creatures. Just about a year ago, Lever produced a photograph exhibit entitled “Andalusia,” which also featured many of the amazing horses of that region. And now he’s back with the horses of Dorset.

You can enjoy all of the prints for sale from Andrew Lever in this video he just released on Wednesday. And if you see anything you have to have, simply head over to Andrew Lever’s Website ( to make the print your own!

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