Down To The Wire: 10.28.14 – Is The New York Times Horse Crazy?

Down to the Wire

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Just when you thought mainstream media’s coverage of horses was limited to high profile controversies and the hats worn by ladies at the latest horse race, The New York Times pulls a fast one. In a little over a week’s time, they published not one but two thoughtful articles on the equestrian life. Stop the presses!! Or rather keep them going!

On October 19, a horse article entitled “Two Horses, One Language” graced the “Menagerie” section of The New York Times, which “explores the strange and diverse ways the human and animal worlds intersect.” In the article, Susanna Forrest, author of “If Wishes Were Horses: A Memoir of Equine Obsession,” recounts her relationship with two of the most important mounts in her horseback riding history. In the process, she expertly explains multilayered communications that occur between horses and humans. Give this story a read here:

Two Horses One Language

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Then, just three short days later, another equestrian article popped up in the paper. This time it appeared in the “Wealth” section (no explanation needed I expect) and is entitled “Making A Name On Horseback.” Authored by Kerry Hannon, who seems to know her way around the horse world, this story explores the complex relationship between horseback riding and wealth with insight not usually found outside of equestrian publications. If you have ever wondered why there are so many rich daughters at the top of the sport, this is likely to be the most sensitive answer you’ll ever receive. Definitely give this article a read as well!

Making A Name On Horseback

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So now that you know what The New York Times has been up to lately, I’ll ask the question again: Do you think they’ve gone a bit horse crazy? And if so, wouldn’t you love to see some more?

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