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For millennia, humans have identified with and emulated animals’ positive qualities as a means of strength and self-improvement. We all strive to be as courageous as a lion, as cunning as a fox, as graceful as a swan, and as wise as the old owl. But sometimes a special connection is made between a person and the entire essence of a particular animal. That animal is the person’s totem.

Piebald Mare with Crescent Moon Blaze

Some require time, contemplation, and a return to nature to discover their true totem, but for born equestrians the answer is always clear. Our totem is the horse – the symbol of power, freedom and intellect. The emblem associated with overcoming all of life’s obstacles with the strength to carry on. And that is something to be celebrated!

The incomparable craftsmanship of Brooke Stone Jewelry allows us to do just that. Brooke Stone Jewelry is a partnership between skilled artist and sculptor, Brooke Stone, and ‘master-caster’ Jim Clement. Together they apply an ancient method called lost wax casting to create wearable art in the shape of stunning animal totem jewelry, horses most definitely included.

Their equestrian collection includes a Silver Painted Horse, a Piebald Mare with a Crescent Moon Blaze, and a Silver Horse Skull with Intarsia Inlay to name a few. Each pendant, beautiful in its own right, is often then paired with complimentary beads, charms or even real horse hair to complete the look. Each piece of jewelry can also be made to a customer’s specification, including a unique collection of beads, charms, chains, and even your own horse’s hair!

Silver Horse Skull with Intarsia Inlay

While the custom options are nearly endless, the time to get your own is running out. This fall, Brooke Stone announced she will retire from production jewelry making in the spring of 2015 to spend more time working in other mediums. While she plans to still make limited editions of her favorite designs and to continue work on the Resurrection Series, which includes the Silver Horse Skill with Intarsia Inlay, the option to custom order will disappear. In addition, Brooke Stone Jewelry will cease taking 2014 holiday orders at the end of October. So time is truly of the essence!

Please make your way over to the Brooke Stone Jewelry website today to get your orders in before the impending deadlines! And while you’re there, be sure to take the Studio Tour for an in depth explanation of the processes used to make Brooke Stone Jewelry. It’s amazing! Then sign up for the newsletter or like Brooke Stone Jewelry on Facebook to see what they will be up to next!


Painted Horse with Hair Tassels


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