The Horse Circus: 10.24.14

The Horse CircusWe pretend to go to the horse show but everyone really knows it’s a circus!

Bring on the clowns! And the horses too!

Every Friday Counter-Canter Culture features the important US and International Horse Shows

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Washington International Horse Show

This week the ‘Horse Party’ returns to Washington, DC, as they have since 1958, to offer up entertainment that both American political parties can agree on…hopefully! Highlights include the $125,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix, presented by Events DC (a World Cup qualifier), the Puissance high-jump competition presented by The Boeing Company, and Barn Night, featuring the $20,000 International Jumper Gambler’s Choice Costume Class presented by Equestrian Sport and the WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase Championship Series.

The first day of international show jumping competition saw a win for Jessica Springsteen and Stone Hill Farms Davendy S in the $10,000 International Jumper speed class, sponsored by Amalaya Investments. Catch that winning round here:

Speaking of Jessica Springsteen, she and her fellow progeny-of-prominent-parents show jumping competitors, like Georgina Bloomberg and Paige Johnson, were recently the subject of an interesting New York Times article. Except for failing to correctly distinguish a Hunter from a Jumper, author Kerry Hannon shares, for once, a fairly accurate view of the world of horse showing and its relationship to wealth.

Of course, as experienced counter-culture equestrians, this is nothing we didn’t know already, but I bet you’ve never seen it in print before, let alone the New York Times! So as you head out to the Washington International Horse Show this weekend or settle in to catch the live webcast (HERE!), spare a moment to read this article and share it with a non-equestrian friend.

Clink on the picture to link to the article:

Making A Name On Horseback

And have a great weekend!

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