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When you think of big time sponsors of equestrian athletes and events, you are probably quick to call out a few fancy watchmakers, luxury cars manufacturers and high-end equestrian apparel companies. But would you believe that the same brand that brings you the latest fashions at affordable prices also has a foot in this sport?

H&M We Love Horses

I’m talking about the global ready-to-wear brand, H&M. They love horses! In fact, “We Love Horses” is the name of the sponsorship campaign that has been backing Swedish show jumpers Malin Baryard-Johnsson since 1996 and Peder Fredricson since 2003. If those names sound familiar to you today, it’s probably because they were both part of the Swedish team that claimed third in the Nation’s Cup Final in Barcelona yesterday.

But what does this all have to do with art you ask? Over the past two weeks We Love Horses has been collecting the best horse and rider photographs submitted on Instagram using #hmwelovehorses and turning them into beautiful free works of art for seven lucky winners! These sketches aren’t of the variety you usually find in an art gallery. They are beautiful fashion sketches that breath new life in to horse and rider alike.

H&M We Love Horses

The first sketch was unveiled on the H&M We Love Horses Facebook and Instagram pages on October 2nd, and the final sketch will be released today. So if you like what you see, be sure to head over to the social media of your choice to see all the lovely winners as well as the original photographs.

Facebook: H&M We Love Horses

Instagram: H&M We Love Horses



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