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In the inaugural article for Riding Habit Revised, I bemoaned the fact that so much of equestrian fashion seems to champion an out of date idea of what it means to be a horseback rider. It’s an absolute myth that most of us spend our time strolling around old English-style estates in pristine breeches.   We train and we get dirty. And now, finally, there is a brand of riding pants that is telling it like it is!

Struck Trade Show TallAs the promotional material puts it, Struck Apparel breeches “are not your mother’s breeches. You won’t find anything like them in an art gallery hunt print. Nor in a video from the 1960 Mexico Olympics. Not even at the 2010 WEG in Kentucky. Struck Breeches are designed for one thing and one thing only: Equestrian Sport.” Hallelujah!

How are they living up to this motto? First by offering superior fit thanks to features like ergonomically sculpted knee-patches and a contoured spandex panel on the lower leg that eliminates pressure points and offers the smoothest fit underneath tight-fitting boots or half-chaps. Plus these breeches are made of a functional fabric that resists fading, pilling and pulls, and even dirt and stains!

Of course, Struck also likes to have a little bit of fun with their breeches. Their signature sport zippers are bright red, and their traditional breeches are always matched with a bold splash of color on the spandex panels.

As of August, it is much easier to make a pair of Strucks your own. Their online store is officially open for business. So check it out here, and stop making excuses for your old world riding attire!

As Struck would say “Riding is a sport. Dress like it!”

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