Arts & Equitainment: Metro Meteor The Painting Racehorse

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This month, Claudia is out riding the long trail home to Florida where she grew up.  Until she settles down in her new paddock, new columns from her are temporarily out to pasture.  In the meantime, enjoy these timely and timeless highlights from past stories.

Have you heard of Metro Meteor, the painting racehorse, yet?  Learn his unforgettable story this Sunday, then binge on all things Metro here: Metro The Painting Race Horse and Dream Green.

Metro Meteor


According to Discovery News, ” Art collectors are quickly snapping up paintings created by a former racing horse, with some aficionados comparing the works to those of famous abstract expressionists.”

When bad knees ended his racing career, Metro Meteor was adopted by Ron Krajewski, an artist who lives in Gettysburg, Pa., and his wife, Wendy. They soon found Metro’s knees were so bad he couldn’t be trail ridden and according to a vet, the horse had two years left at best. Read the rest of the story here, to find how Ron was inspired to teach Metro to paint. The results were so good he was soon the best selling artist in Gallery 30 in Gettysburg. Half the money goes to successful experimental treatment for his knees and the rest to the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, which helps retired thoroughbreds find homes and get new careers.

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