How Springsteen’s Deep Cut Riding Song Was Born

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When iTunes generates a compilation, they create three levels: The Basics, Next Steps, and Deep Cuts. If you took a listen to this week’s 100% Sound playlist, Born An Equestrian, I would say you are already at least on the ‘Next Steps’ level of Bruce Springsteen music. Take a listen here:

This weekend I’m going to take you all the way to ‘Deep Cuts.’ In the early ‘80s, Springsteen could hardly contain his creativity. He had so many quality demos that two albums, “Nebraska” and “Born In The U.S.A.” were not enough to hold all the wonderful music, and some songs went unreleased.

That is until his outtakes were released on the album “How Nebraska Was Born” in 2005. On that album, you can a hear very rough cut of one of Springsteen’s would-be classics, “Riding Horse.” I, for one, am very sorry this song has never found its way to full production. What about you?

Take a listen on Grooveshark by clicking on the picture below, and maybe we can start a campaign to have the song on his next album!


How Nebraska Was Born

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