Meet Opera Gallery Artist André Brasilier

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Special Report: Live From The Los Angeles Masters

Hello and welcome to day 3 of the Los Angeles Masters. As we all eagerly await the artistry of equestrian competition to begin, let’s get to know another great artist whose work is gracing Los Angeles this weekend.

Thanks to the sponsorship of The Opera Galley, I had the pleasure of seeing the colors, shapes and forms of André Brasilier, in person! If you know anything about modern French painter, Brasilier, then you know one of his favorite subjects is horses – bright, beautiful, dreamy horses!

Here is one of the lovely works on hand.

Andre Brasillier Painting

When asked why horses are a central theme in his work, Brasilier responded: “I really like this animal, as much for its beauty, as for the harmony that it has with nature. In nature, the horse gives a sense of scale. It provides interesting proportions with the sea and the sky, for example. I love life, and horses, with their forms and their ardour, delight and intrigue me.” And fun fact – Mr. Brasiliers second favorite theme is music, and his first exhibition in 1959 was entitled “Autour de la musique” (“About Music”)!

If you’d like to see André Brasilier many more extraordinary equestrian works head over to his page at the Opera Gallery here and his personal website here. Making a Brasilier work your own will set you back a bit, but if you can’t afford the real thing, here a few lithographs of his work available at an affordable price.   Click on the pictures to get shopping!

“Paris” Signed Lithograph

“Cavalier Sur La Plage” Signed Lithograph

“Blue Horses” Lithographs

“Chevaux dans le pre” Lithograph

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