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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

One year ago, 100% Sound was introduced to the world.  In the last year, 100% Sound and Counter-Canter Culture have gathered a much greater audience.  So on this first anniversary, I’m introducing once again the concept that is 100% SOUND!

Tune In, Tune Up, Get 100% Sound

Welcome to your first experience with the musical element of Counter-Canter Culture!  Every community needs its own sound, and equestrians are no exception.  Unfortunately, up to now, that sound has too often been defined by rule makers and outsiders.  We’ve been confined to the classical music of dressage freestyles or the twang of cliché rodeo songs.

But no more!  100% Sound is here every Thursday with posts to free up the equestrian music scene.  To give you a better idea of what I mean, allow me to take you on a quick trip through the music that will and will not be featured here.


It should go without saying that 100% Sound will not promote lame horse music.  What is deem lame horse music you ask?  It usually comes in one of two varieties.  First, there are the songs that are certainly about horses, so they appear on a number of “horse song” lists – they just aren’t any good.

I’m using this Bob Dylan anything but classic as an example because Bob Dylan is good artist.  Actually he’s great.  But “All The Tired Horses” is not his best effort – far from it.  In fact, Time Magazine calls it one of the ten worst Bob Dylan tracks ever.  So don’t worry – I will not be trying to revive this or similar songs here just because they are about horses.

The second variety are the songs that always seem to find there way on to “horse song” lists even though they really have nothing uniquely equestrian to say.  News Flash!  Horses are a metaphor for give or take a million life experiences.  Here’s a prime example:

A hint on this one – a horse will not ask you to marry him (sorry).   Sometimes that “black horse” just isn’t a horse at all.  Trust me – the only list this song will make an appearance on at 100% Sound is the top ten songs people wrongly assume are about horses (actually that may be an amazing list…stay tuned!)


Next up on the list of songs I will not be featuring are the overworked tracks.  These songs, like overworked horses, are that way for a reason.  They are well known and generally well liked.  But, they certainly don’t make a rider feel like they’ve uncovered a hidden gem.  More often, they are the butt of a non-equestrian’s joke.

“You ride horses?  I bet you like country music!”

“So, you’ve been riding since you were a kid.  Did ‘Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses’ just change your world?”

Truth be told, I kind of like these songs.  Maybe you do too.  But we both know we can’t give Mr. or Ms. Non-Equestrian the satisfaction of saying so.  So we snarl and try to hold our tongues from saying, “Actually, I prefer Gangster Rap and Hardcore Punk” – or maybe you just let it rip!  At 100% Sound I will feature tracks that you can be proud to share with friends and foes.

100% SOUND

Now for the good stuff – 100% Sound music.  These are fresh tracks from artists that, if you haven’t heard of them yet, you’ll be glad to.  Some songs are really about horses, but many more are just relatable to the equestrian experience.  Song topics will range from the exhilarating and joyful moments of being a horseback rider, to the hilarious, to the painfully honest.  100% Sound is taking the blinders off the horse world through the power of music.

As a teaser, enjoy “Burning Up The Sky” – the first track off what will be the inaugural playlist for 100% Sound – “Living In A New Age, Kicking Up The Dust!”

Finally, a few tips for making the most of your 100% Sound experience. Playlist will contain a number of ways for you to take the music on the go, including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon links.  Together we can get the entire equestrian world 100% Sound!  Also, we encourage you to play a part in the creative process.  Jump over our Facebook page to share stories about your favorite horse songs.  Then check in to see if your pick appears on a 100% Sound playlist!

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