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Sanita Clog Logo


When it’s time to kick off your tall boots in favor of something more comfortable, what is your go to shoe? Uggs? Converse? Or perhaps, like many equestrians, you favor that famous footwear from Europe – the clog.

If clogs are your thing, or even better yet if they aren’t because you think they are too boring for your taste, I strongly suggest you head over to Sanita, home of the original Danish clogs. There, along side the traditional, you just might find a clog that speaks to your personal style.


For example, some rainbow snakeskin might be just your speed.  (Click on the pictures to purchase!)

Sanita-Professional Sophie

Sanita-Professional Sophie

Or maybe a little skull art will tickle your fancy.

Sanita-Professional Sid

They even have vegan options!

Sanita-Professional Moonbeam

Sanita-Professional Moonbeam

My only critique of Sanita is that their equestrian marketing doesn’t actually live up to their ability to satisfy our often audacious style. So next time, Sanita, please put those knee sock wearing riders in some of the bold clog designs above!

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